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Why do battery pack discharge tests regularly?

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The purpose of periodic battery discharge test is to check the standby time and actual capacity of the battery pack to ensure the normal operation of the system. In this way, individual failure or near-failure of the single battery can be found early, and replaced to ensure the effectiveness of the whole battery. In addition, the discharge test can also assess the life expectancy of the entire battery.

As an important energy storage equipment, battery is widely used in power system backup power supply, new energy generation energy storage and electric vehicles and other fields. In order to ensure the performance and reliability of the battery, the battery discharge test has become an indispensable link. Battery discharge test is to simulate the release of electric energy during actual use by connecting the battery to the load circuit and discharging it to the set termination voltage. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the capacity, voltage-time characteristics, discharge efficiency and capacity decay of the battery, so as to provide a scientific basis for users to purchase, use and maintain the battery.

For more information on “Battery Discharge Testing”, you can consult the relevant technical expert or consult the relevant technical manual.

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