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Data output form and practical application scenario sharing of laser ranging sensor

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Data output form of laser ranging sensor:


1, digital output type

There are three main forms: RS232, RS485, wireless transmission. Select the specific digital output type according to the actual transmission communication distance and terrain complexity

(1) RS232 output, generally suitable for short distance transmission within 10 meters, anti-electromagnetic interference ability is weak;

(2) RS485 output, suitable for long-distance transmission, generally not more than 1000 meters, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability;

⑶ Wireless output, suitable for complex terrain

Of course, there are TTL, RS422, ModBus, CanBus and other output types. The required data output types should be selected according to the application scenario and actual needs.


2, analog output type

There are three main forms: analog current 4-20mA, analog voltage 0-5V or analog voltage 0-10V. The output current or voltage varies with the distance in real time, and the analog quantity corresponds to the distance value one by one. If the measuring distance range is 0.2-30 meters of laser ranging sensor SLDS-A30P, its current output 4mA corresponds to 0.2 meters (200mm) by default, 20mA corresponds to 30 meters (30000mm). The corresponding relationship between output current I and distance L is: L=(I-4)/Δi+200 (wherein Δi =(20-4)mA/(30,000-200)mm), the starting and ending points of the simulation, such as the distance values corresponding to 4mA or 20mA, can also be preset by the manufacturer according to the requirements of the user (the user cannot change it). Or leave the interface to be set by the user (special setting software is required).


3, switching output

This type of product can support more than two groups of relay switch output, corresponding to two preset distance values. When the measured distance reaches a preset value, the corresponding output end is disconnected. Among them, the preset distance value can be set by the manufacturer in advance according to the user’s requirements (users cannot change it), or the reserved interface can be set by the user (special setting software is required).


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