FST-IBC2612 Battery Regenerator/Battery Activator

regenerators for batteries regeneration
Battery Regenerators for; Traction, Stationary, Starting Batteries
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Battery reconditioning is very popular. 80% of the batteries breaking down and losing capacity are sulfated, but can be restored with the right equipment. Our battery regenerator successfully removes sulphation due to an electrical high-frequency pulsation process. This process restores the battery capacity, giving you the ability to reuse old and sulfated batteries. You can also use the battery reconditioner for annual maintenance to strongly prolong the lifespan of your batteries.



Model FST-IBC2612
Cell voltage measurement type 1.2V/2V/6V/12V
Cell Voltage measurement range 1.2V/2V:0~3V 6V:4~8V 12V:8~15V
Cell voltage resolution 1.2V/2V/6V:0.001V;12V:0.01V
Voltage test accuracy 0.5%
Charge/discharge current range 1.2V/2V:  200A 6V:50A 12V: 50A
Charge/discharge current control resolution 0.1A
Current test resolution 1%
Battery Capacity check range 20Ah~1000Ah 6V:20Ah~300Ah 12V:20Ah~300Ah
AC Power supply AC 220±15%
Communication mode USB PORT
 Cooling mode  Air Cooling
Work environment TEMP:0℃~50℃    Humidity:5~9%RH
Store Temp. -20℃~70℃
 Display LCD
Carrying way Portable


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