FST-DC300V-600V -30A Battery Load Bank

  • Battery load bank FST is a powerful and lightweight solution designed for condition assessment of telecommunication and radio equipment backup supply. This instrument can perform the battery capacity test on battery strings such as Pb, Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and others.
  • Discharge parameters can be monitored in real-time during the capacity test. A 7-inch touch screen shows overall battery voltage, discharge current, discharge test time, and capacity during the entire test.
  • Features
    • SMART Constant Current DC Load Banks with system and cell voltage monitoring
    • Data management software included for data analyzing and reporting
    • Rugged, compact and portable units
    • Alloy and PTC resistors for safe discharging
    • Four settings for auto shut-down of discharge: discharge time, total string end voltage, cell end voltage, discharged capacity
    • Parallel connection of two units for mass discharge testing
    • Thermal cut-off and automatic overload protection
    • Safe circuits avoid damage to battery when testing
    • Optional: Real-time display of voltage for each cell with DAC package for 1.2V, 2V, 6V, 12V cells
    • Optional: Custom DAC packages available for monitoring of uncommon cell voltages and configurations




    • Discharge Testing
    • Battery Capacity Testing
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Battery Maintenance
    • Engineer Testing




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