FST-DC24V-100A Stationary Battery Charger

  • Switching power supply control adopts military-grade IC chip, the rest of components are adopted imported industry device, charging machine design is reasonable, perfect production process to ensure the reliability and stability.
  • Power switch tube (IGBT) is used USA’s original and improve the reliability.
  • The charger automatically performs the charging in strict accordance with the curve of charging characteristic of storage battery. Designed charging mode is as follows: constant current charging→ (stabilized voltage at uniform charging) current-reducing constant-voltage constant charging → (automatically judge and turns to) → trickle floating charging.


Technical Specifications:


Model FST-DC24/160
Battery String voltage 24V
Every charging voltage 18-30V
Floating voltage 18V to floating voltage
Charge current 1-80A
Battery Capacity 10-800AH
Charge current Accuracy 1A
Resolution 0.1A
Charge Voltage Accuracy 0.1V
Resolution 10mV
Working power supply Single phase AC220V±10%
AC Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±10%
Battery Type Lead Acid Battery
Charge mode Constant current —constant voltage of reducing current—-tickle floating charge
Charging Time 0-99H59Min
LCD Display 7inch Color Touch Screen
Charge Module high frequency switching power supply
Alarm and safety measures polarity reverse protection; Charging current more than set value; The voltage is higher than the set value; Temperature anomaly; The instrument can automatically alarm and stop charging
Atmospheric pressure (70~106)kPa
Dimensions (mm) 590x342x602
Working conditions Temperature : -20~55℃ Humidity: 90%(40±2℃)
Weight (KG) <40KG
Carrying Portable roller


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