FST-DC220V-100A Battery Load Bank

  • An unplanned outage is not the time to find out that your battery won’t perform. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance programs are just one way to monitor the condition of your batteries. However, it is not possible to calculate battery runtime from the static readings collected during preventative maintenance visits. Capacity Testing, or Load Testing, is the only way to accurately calculate how much runtime is left in your battery system.
  • Features
    • SMART Constant Current DC Load Banks/Battery Load Bank with system and cell voltage monitoring
    • Data management software included for data analyzing and reporting
    • Rugged, compact and portable units
    • Alloy and PTC resistors for safe discharging
    • Four settings for auto shut-down of discharge: discharge time, total string end voltage, cell end voltage, discharged capacity
    • Parallel connection of two units for mass discharge testing
    • Thermal cut-off and automatic overload protection
    • Safe circuits avoid damage to battery when testing
    • Optional: Real-time display of voltage for each cell with DAC package for 1.2V, 2V, 6V, 12V cells
    • Optional: Custom DAC packages available for monitoring of uncommon cell voltages and configurations



    • Discharge Testing
    • Battery Capacity Testing
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Battery Maintenance
    • Engineer Testing


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