FST-DC110V-30A Stationary Battery Charger

FST-D110 series Full-automatic battery charger has an intelligent three-step charging mode, which realizes the switch between equalized charging and floating charging, and that between constant current and constant voltage automatically as well as sets and controls the parameters such as voltage, current.


Key Features

  1. Switching power supply control adopts imported military-grade IC chip, the rest of components are adopted imported industry device, charging machine design is reasonable, production process to ensure the reliability and stability.
  • Power switch tube (IGBT) is used USA’s original and improve the reliability.
  1. The charger automatically performs the charging in strict accordance with the curve of charging characteristic of storage battery. Designed charging mode is as follows: constant current charging→ (stabilized voltage at uniform charging) current-reducing constant-voltage constant charging → (automatically judge and turns to) → trickle floating charging.
  2. Advantages: quick charging, high charging recovery rate, no need of watch out, no overcharging incident in an extremely long-time charging, and assuring the service life of storage battery.
  3. Uniform charging voltage can be adjusted in the range, adapt to the charge characteristic requirement of different storage battery and first charging.
  4. Using digital setting charging current, can be adjusted continuously, unaffected by input alternating voltage. During constant current charge. This operation doesn’t need people to adjust.
  5. It has interflow input low-voltage protection, output over voltage, output current limit, output short circuit, output over current and over temperature protection.

It can adjust the charge parameter in service at any times

Model FST-DC110/30A
Rated Battery String voltage 110V
Every charging voltage 85-130V
Floating voltage 85V to Every charging voltage
Charge current 1-30A
Battery Capacity 10-300AH
Charge current Accuracy & Resolution 1A and 0.1A
Charge Voltage Accuracy & Resolution 0.1V and 10mV
Working power supply AC220V Single phase or 380VAC Three phase
AC Input Frequency 60Hz
Battery Type Lead Acid Battery
Charge mode Constant current —constant voltage of reducing current—-tickle floating charge
Charging Time 0-99H59Min
LCD Display 7inch Color Touch Screen
Charge Module high frequency switching power supply
Alarm and safety measures polarity reverse protection; Charging current more than set value; The voltage is higher than the set value; Temperature anomaly; The instrument can automatically alarm and stop charging
Atmospheric pressure (70~106)kPa
Working conditions Temperature : -20~55℃      Humidity: 90%(40±2℃)
N.W. (KG) ≦35
Carrying Portable roller


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