FST-CDT48V-100A Battery Charge & Discharge Tester

FST-CDT Battery charge/discharge tester is integrated with constant current discharging, cell voltage collection and intellectualized charging, it provides comprehensive scientific test methods for stationary battery and UPS Power system and is widely applied in the field of Telecommunications, Base station and Utilities etc.

Main Features & Function:

Stationary Battery String Charge/Discharge all in-one-machine = Constant Current Discharge + Intelligent Charge + Cell Voltage Collection + Stationary string Regeneration


Technical Specifications

Test mode of Charge-Discharge Battery String removing from the System
Discharge Voltage 20V-60V
Discharge Voltage Accuracy Resolution: 10mV Accuracy: 0.1V
Discharge current 1-125A settable
Current Accuracy & Resolution Resolution: 0.01A Accuracy: ±0.2%
Charge Voltage 10V-60V
Charge Voltage Accuracy Resolution: 10mV Accuracy: 0.1V
Charge current 1-45A
Current Accuracy & Resolution Resolution: 0.01A Accuracy: ±1%
Cell Voltage of Charge-Discharge 0.500V~16.00V Resolution :1mV Accuracy 10Mv
Time of Charge-Discharge 0~99h59min
 Number of Cell Set according to the actual situation
Cooling Mode Forced air cooling type
Discharge Load High performance alloy resistance
Display 7” Color Touch Screen
Power Supply 220VAC Single phase or 380VAC 50Hz Three phase
Alarm and safety measures  Reverse connection protection, over voltage and over current protection;Abnormal temperature, Fan Fault etc。 the tester can alarm and stop the test



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