FST-C Laser Distance sensor

This sensor can work in -50℃/-30℃—65℃ temperature (no frost, no condensation).


Ranging range Ranging range 0– 5M/10M/20M/50M
Operating temperature -50℃/-30℃—65℃ (no frost, no condensation)
Resolution 0.1mm
Measuring accuracy  ±0.5mm
Measurement time  Mode 1: (0.2-2 seconds) Mode 2: (0.1 seconds)
Laser Type Semiconductor wavelength 650nm red laser, ClassII eye safe
Measurement Mode Automatic power-on measurement
Power consumption  < 1W (room temperature), about 100W (-50℃–0℃)
Driving impedance  ≤500Ω
Power input  9-32VDC
Communication mode ( accurate value 1/10000mA) or 485MODBUS RTU
Seismic 10g 10g
Volume weight Volume weight 79mm wide *75mm high *202mm long, 0.825kg
Protection level IP68 Protection level IP68


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