FST-AM Battery Data Logging Device


FST-AM Stationary battery data logging devices is the dedicated monitoring equipment   for monitoring lead acid battery. Battery String Voltage is from 24V-600V and Cell Voltage at 2V/6V/12V .


Features and Functions:


  • Wireless transmission to collect data: real-time monitoring of monomer battery voltage, current, and record every moment of the battery discharge and charge process
  • A variety of monitoring modes: with on line charging monitoring and on-line discharge monitoring to battery string and hang line monitoring three patterns for a long time
    ● Each wireless cell voltage collection module can collect 24cells 2V/6V/12V
    ● 7inch LCD touch screen for easy operation and showing various parameters
  • Alarm function: in view of the backward monomer abnormal situation, the system will automatically alert the tester to sound alarm,
  • Support real time monitoring by PC or SD Card download data


Technical Index:

Model FST-AM
Cell battery measurement type 2V/6V/12V
cell voltage measurement range 2V:0~4V; 6V:0~8V; 12V:0~15V
cell voltage resolution 2V/6V:0.001V; 12V:0.01V
Battery pack voltage measurement range 0~600V
Battery pack voltage measurement resolution ≤60V: 0.01V; >60V: 0.1V
Voltage testing accuracy 0.5%
Current testing accuracy 1%
Current monitoring range 0~300A
working voltage AC 120V 60Hz
Working environment 0℃~40℃, 20%~80%RH
Storage conditions -20℃~70℃, Packaging store
Communication mode RS232 communication and USB communications
Display mode LCD with high brightness and lardge screen.
external dimensions(mm) 230*230*50(mm)
Weight(kg) 1Kg
Carry method Portable hand-held



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