FST-AC400V-50KW Resistive AC Load Bank

FORESIGHT series load bank control modes

Two control modes available for FORESIGHT series AC/DC load banks: The local panel control mode and the PC software remote control mode.

Local panel control mode available as below listed:

  • By contactor
  • PC software remote control(optional) FORESIGHT series AC/DC load bank remote control communication protocol would be provided for clients’ integrating the load bank into the ATE system


Technical Specifications
Model FST-AC400V-53KW-R Resistive AC Load Bank
Load Element Alloy resistors
Load Voltage  

AC400V 3phase 4wire, 50Hz

Load Power Resistive: 53KW for AC400V 3phase 4wire, 50Hz
Load Steps

@AC400V 3P4W

Resistive Load Steps  

3KW, 10KW, 10KW,30KW

(1KW-53KW adjustable)

Power Factor PF=1.0
Load Accuracy ±5%
Digital Meter Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Power Factor and etc.
Power Supply 220V 50Hz, single phase
Control Mode 1.     Manual control by push button

2.     Remote control by PC software ( Optional )

Wire Connections Copper bus bar for wire connections
Insulation Class F
Protection Level IP20(indoor use)
Fan Noise 75dB
Cooling Mode Force-air cooling
Work Mode Continuous work
Protections Overheating/buzzer alarm, overheating/over voltage protection, emergency stop button
Ambient Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Dimension 60*85*100cm
Weight 120KG
Mobility Four wheels
Humidity ≤95%
Altitude ≤2500 meters


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