FST-AC400V-100KW Portable Resistive AC Load Bank

1.    Testing System

We do not supply generator or UPS, PC and printed if not specified.



1.    Supply List

The following form presents the accessories provided when we make shipment.

 Items Quantity Remark
AC400V-100kW Automatic Load Bank 1
Suitcase 1
Power Cord 1 3 meters
Testing Cable 1 3 Meters
RS485 1 10 meters
RS485/RS232/USB Converter 1
Documents accompanied with shipment Quantity Remark
Products Instruction 1
Data Processing Software U-disk 1
Packing List 1


2.    Technical Parameter

System Parameter
Rated Voltage & Frequency 400VAC; 3 phase 4 wire, 50/60Hz
Max Load Power 100kW
Load Resolution 1, 2, 2, 5, 10, 20, 20, 40kW
Power Factor 1
Load Tolerance (overall) ±3%
Fan Control Power AC110V-240V single phase 50/60Hz
Wire Connection Load bank input——terminal block

Control power input——3-pin plug

Communication Interface RS485
Insulation F
Way of Working Continuous Working
Cooling Forced air, horizontal air intake and cooling
Transportation With handle
Dimensions 540*292*582mm (L×W×H)
Weight About 35kgs
Operating Environment Parameter
Ambient Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity ≤95%
Atmospheric Pressure 86~106kPa
Ventilation Distance 1-2 meters free of obstacles from air inlet, 3 meters free of obstacles from air outlet
Safe Working Distance There should be an isolation fence 1 meter away from the load bank, and there should be no idlers within 3-5 meters when the load bank is working.
Brands of Main Components
Contactor Schneider
PLC Siemens
Alloy Resistor Kaixiang
Data Processing Software Kaixiang


3.    Functions

1) User could load any power within rated power, can test stable state three-phase voltage, current, active power, power factor, frequency of generator set or UPS.

2) Whether load/unload by local control panel or by PC software control, user can pre-set the power then press the master load button.

3) Control mode: user can choose local control or intelligent control (PC control)

4) Local manual control: there is local control panel in load bank, with multi load steps, min load steps 1kW, controlled by buttons.

5) Intelligent control: user can control load bank by data processing software of PC to make automatic load/unload, display, record and manager the test data, form curve, graph and can be printed.

6) Control mode interlock: there is switch in control panel to choose control mode, other control mode is invalid if user choose one control mode.

7) With data processing software, could form curve of current, active power, power factor, and frequency, can be printed.

8) One-key load/unload: user can load or unload with one key easy to control.

9) 3 line LED multi-function meter display.


4.    Data Processing Software Functions

1) Communication type: through RS232, RS485 or USB interface.

2) Load mode: manual load or automatic load.

3) Manual load: input power and power factor.

4) Automatic load: User can set several periods of power and time, and in turn of

0%→25%→50%→75%→100% or 110%, etc or other preset order to make automatic load testing.

5) Parallel testing: when several load banks parallel working, parameters of each load bank can be displayed and recorded, so do the final parameters of paralleling working.

6) Real-time parameter: Current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, time, etc could be displayed by software.

7) Safety monitoring: User can know the working conditions of load bank through software indicating light. When in abnormal stop protection, software will indicate the reasons of stopping.

8) Data collection interval: the min saving interval is 1 second.

9) Data saving and in query: testing data could be saved in software, user can query at any time.

10) Data display: it could display real-time data and history data; user can print voltage, current, frequency, power graphs and charts.

11) Charts and graphs are output in format of JPG while testing data output in Excel format, and all can be printed.

5.    Protection

  • User can press the emergency stop button in the panel to unload immediately when the load bank is abnormal while working.
  • Over-load: Automatic load dump and give alarm when voltage is over safety thresholds.
  • Over-heat protection: Automatic load dump and give alarm when temperature is over safety thresholds.
  • Protection button: there are some protection buttons can be switched off when false alarm or for special requirements.



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