FST-AC230V-6.6KW Resistive AC Load Bank

With our 6 kW / 7 kW smart connected load banks , test all levels of electrical and thermal redundancy in your data centre (main path / secondary path and backup).

Collect data (P/U/I/Delta T) thanks to their supervision software and thus bring added value to your tests. Also take advantage of their low delta T to test your computer rooms in real conditions.

Our 19-inch rackmount load banks are specially designed to meet the requirements of data center “IST commissioning” tests. They are suitable for rooms that are newly built, at the end of renovation or undergoing maintenance.



Technical Specifications
Model FST-AC230V-6.6KW-R Resistive AC Load Bank
Load Element Stainless steel resistor
Load Voltage AC230V single phase, 50/60Hz
Rated Power 6.6KW@AC230V
Dual Power(Feed) Dual feeds (auto transfer in between 2 feeds):

POWER1(Feed 1): AC11, AC12, AC13

POWER2(Feed 2): AC21, AC22, AC23


Load Steps

3 independent load channels: AC11, AC12, AC13

AC11 Load Channel (Fan power supply also): 2*1.1KW

AC12 Load Channel: 2*1.1KW

AC13 Load Channel: 2*1.1KW

Total 6 load steps: 1.1KW*6


Load Steps

3 independent load channels: AC21, AC22, AC23

AC21 Load Channel (Fan power supply also): 2*1.1KW

AC22 Load Channel: 2*1.1KW

AC23 Load Channel: 2*1.1KW

Total 6 load steps: 1.1KW*6

Protection Over heat thermal protection, load removed
Power Factor PF=1
Load Accuracy ±5%
Power Supply Fans activated by AC11(AC21) cable:

230V 1phase 50/60Hz from test source(PDU)

Control Mode Manual control by mini circuit breaker
Insulation Class F
Protection Level IP20(indoor use)
Fan Noise 75dB

Cooling Mode

Fan force-air cooling, powered from the test source.

Cool air intake at front, hot air exhaust at rear.

Fan activated by AC11(AC21): 230V 1phase 50/60Hz from test source

Work Mode Continuous work
Ambient Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Load Input Cables Six C19-C20 cables

(C19 female for load bank, C20 male for PDU)

Dimension 4U 19 inch rack, depth 600mm
Weight 22KG
Mobility Two front handles and one rear handle
Work Humidity ≤95%
Work Altitude ≤2500 meters
NOTE: Each load bank includes the standard items:

1.     One Load Bank Main Unit.

2.     Six C19-C20 cables


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