FST-A2 100M Laser Distance Sensor

Laser sensors can be ideal for collision avoidance, level measurement for liquids and solids, conveyor belt profiling, proximity detection, positioning and equipment monitoring, or even altimetry applications

The variation in material characteristics or the difference in environment conditions can be a contributing factor of why a particular sensor won’t work properly. Certain sensors struggle to recognize a moving target in dusty conditions whereas others have difficulties obtaining a valid level measurement to liquids.

Considering all these factors, it would be nearly impossible to design an all-encompassing laser sensor that could work in a wide variety of scenarios. This is why our line of lasers is all considered to be quite an engineering feat.


Distance measurement range 0.05—100M,200M
Resolution 1mm
Measurement accuracy ±1mm
Measurement time 100-1000ms
Laser Type Semiconductor wavelength 640nm red visible laser, Class II eye safety
Measurement mode Command measurement
Power Consumption < 1W
Laser Energy ≥10mj
Laser Life >20000hours
Beam Angle 0.6mrad
Spot size 5mm (10m)
Measurement mode Single measurement, Continuous measurement
Input Power 6-28VDC
Communication mode TTL,RS232,RS485
Working Temperature -25℃–65℃
Size 65mm*37mm*130mm
Weight 350g
IP grade IP54 or IP64 ( customized)


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