FST-8000 Battery Conductance Tester

  • Professional battery Internal Resistance tester for Lead-acid stationary (wet, flooded, gel, AGM, VRLA) battery cells/blocks, to measure actual capacity and aging for UPS, telecom, industrial, vehicle, solar or other applications’ small and large battery banks.
  • FST- 7000 Battery Impedance Tester is a portable digital measurement device for testing lead acid stationary batteries health and aging condition precisely within seconds. With the help of this device either single cells / blocks or large, multi group battery banks can be measured within a short time and the precisely measured data are processed and reported by given analyzer software automatically.
  • Users can follow the battery aging and capacity decrease trends and able to make correct decisions on approve the further operation or replacements of any cells/blocks.
  • The ergonomic design and large touch screen user interface makes the measurement operation easy and quick.



Measure range Conductivity:20~19990S ;Voltage: 0.000v–25v
Min. resolution Conductivity: 1S ;Voltage: 1mV
Measure accuracy Conductivity:±0.5%rdg  ±6dgt ;Voltage: ±0.2%rdg  ±6dgt
Power supply 11.1V,2400mAh, chargeable Li-battery
Consumption Work for 8 hours continuously.
Storage volume  64Mbit Flash + 8G SD card
LCD  5”colour touch screen
Dim.  220 x 170 x 52mm
Weight  1.1g


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