FST-2000CT Battery Discharge Cycler/Battery Regenerator

FST‐2000CT is a brand new type for traction batteries discharge & charge cycle. Usually, in periodic battery testing and the regeneration for
bad performance batteries, FST‐2000CT is a very intelligent and useful tool.
The voltage range of 2V –96V almost covers all types of traction batteries (forklifts, automobile, golf cart, train, wheel chair etc.)



 Wide voltage range battery discharger: 2V to 96V
 Auto run multiple discharge/charge cycles
 5.7 inch LCD touch screen for easy operation and showing various parameters real time

 Adjustable stop points and multiple alarm
designs to control the discharge & charge process intelligently
 Support RS232 real time monitoring by PC or USB download data after discharge
 PC software for capacity evaluation and report generation
 Optional wireless & wiredmodules for 1.2V/2V/6V/12V cells voltage real-time measuring

Battery Nominal Voltage -Max Discharge Current
2 V                                                  60A
4 V                                                  120 A
6/24 V                                           180 A
12/36/48 V                                  200 A
72/80/96 V                                 200 A


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