FST-DC48V-150A Battery Load Bank

Battery load bank  is a powerful and lightweight solution designed for condition assessment of telecommunication and radio equipment backup supply. This instrument can perform the battery capacity test on battery strings such as Pb, Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and others.

Data management software included for data analyzing and reporting
• Rugged, compact and portable units
• Alloy and PTC resistors for safe discharging
• Four settings for auto shut-down of discharge: discharge time, total string end voltage,
cell end voltage, discharged capacity
• Parallel connection of two units for mass discharge testing
• Thermal cut-off and automatic overload protection
• Safe circuits avoid damage to battery when testing
• Optional: Real-time display of voltage for each cell with DAC package for 1.2V, 2V,
6V, 12V cells
• Optional: Custom DAC packages available for monitoring of uncommon cell
voltages and configurations



  • Automatically discharges batteries unmanned without danger of over-discharging
  • Individual cell monitoring capabilities via wireless module, can TEST 24cells.
  • Can be used on variety of systems with lead acid and/or nickel cadmium batteries.
  • Test parameters are adjustable during test without stopping test.
  • Automatically protects and saves data from an unexpected test stop/end
  • Easy to navigate unit menu and computer software On-line monitoring test setting interface


  • Online monitoring for battery string: when the battery pack is under the state of online discharge, uniform charge and floating charge, perform real-time online monitoring for all cells. The monitoring includes string voltage, cell voltage, charge/discharge current, monitoring time of battery string, charge/discharge capacity of battery string and etc。
  • Perform discharge of constant current taking advantage of intellectualized dummy load after the battery pack is removed from system, set up the parameters of “discharge current”、“discharge time ”、“discharge capacity” 、“final protective voltage of whole pack” and“ final protective voltage of cell”, and the tester could carry out discharge function automatically, display discharge current、battery discharged capacity、the whole pack voltage, cell voltage, discharge time and etc at real time;


  • Four condition of stopping discharging:
  • String voltage
  • Cell Voltage
  • Discharging time
  • Discharging capacity


  • The instruments can analyze according to main test function on the histogram and the curve chart. It’s unnecessary to upload the result in PC.
  • Mature correspondence function, including USB communication port and SD card connection port. Data will be transferred to PC begin the storage management. It can analyze and store historical data in long time; It’s convenient, reliable and safe if we transfer data via SD card
  • Tester host integrated monitoring part and power part together, and power part adopted latest hi-efficiency components
  • Providing data management, print, analyze, count report, automatic generate test report. Amplify or minify the voltage curve for easy observation.


Technical Specifications:

Features Specifications
Model  FST-DC48V-150A
DC Voltage measurement
DC Voltage Range 40V~60V
Accuracy & resolution ≤±0.5%, 0.01V
DC Voltage measurement
Internal current range 2-150A
Accuracy & resolution ≤ ± 1% , 0.1A
Cell voltage Range 0-15V
Accuracy & resolution ≤ ± 0.5%, 0.01 V
Power Supply 220VAC 50Hz
Cooling mode Air Cooling
Communication & Storage
Storage mode SD Card and Internal storage
Internal memory 16Mbit Flash or Optional
Display 7inch Touch screen
High-Voltage insulation test Input-The enclosure:2200Vdc 1min

Input-Output:2200Vdc 1min

Output- The enclosure:700Vdc 1min

Safety standard EN610950
CE Certificate LVD: EN61010-12010; EMC:EN61326-1:2013
Work Temperature -5~50℃
Storage Temperature -40~70℃
Humidity Relative humidity 5%~95%
Altitude below 4000 m
Working Noise <60dB
Dimensions of Host machine 355x230x440mm
Net Weight 10Kg



No. Name Qty. Unit Remark
1 220VAC Power cord 1 PC  
2 DC Cable (Red+; Black-) 2 PC  
3 Pack Voltage collection cable 1 SET  
4 Wireless Cell voltage collection module 1 PC Optional
5 Wireless Cell voltage collection cable 1 SET


6 433Antenna 1  PC  
7 SD Card 1 PC  
8 Touch Pen  1 PC  
9 Alloy carrying case 1 PC  
10 User Manual 1 PC  
11 Manufacturer certificate 1 PC  


Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 57 × 36 × 40 cm
Blue and White

48V Telecommnication standby power


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