Project Description



The key facilities of the data center are the power distribution and air conditioning system, and the comprehensive test is the on-load test of the key facilities. The IT equipment is gradually installed after the data center is delivered, that is, there is no IT load in the data center at the time of construction acceptance, so many problems resulting in critical facilities cannot be exposed. The liquid cooled dummy load can simulate the system


Technical parameter

  1. The rated power of a single cabinet is 36kW (the power can be adjusted according to demand).

2, power error rate under rated working conditions (voltage 225V, water temperature 35℃-45℃) ≤5%

3, power regulation “1 group, phase A 1kW+2kW+3kW, phase B 1kW+2kW+3kW, phase C 1kW+2kW+3kW

2 groups, phase A 3kW+3kW, phase B 3kW+3kW, phase C 3kW+3kW A total of 6 groups of switches, 6 groups of switches between independent power supply”

4, control mode 15 2P AC DC universal switch control, 1kW power switch is not less than 10A, 2kW, 3kW power switch is not less than 20A, divided into 2 groups, corresponding to the above power segment in turn

5, allow the working environment temperature -10℃~+70℃

6, alarm form sound and light alarm

7, the power supply interface by 6 single-phase 32A 3-hole industrial connectors access to 6 groups of power supply work, respectively, 1 group A, 1 group B, 1 group C, 2 groups A, 2 groups B, 2 groups C. Each industrial connector extends three C14 power cables with a length of 2m.

(Two 3-phase 5-wire PDUs are provided for the owner under the field use condition, which are powered by different power sources, and the 6 industrial connectors with fake loads need to be independent respectively.) ”

8, liquid circulation pipeline material 304 stainless steel, all the connected parts do not use raw material belt, the maximum pressure 1MPa maximum temperature 100℃.

9, interface protection load and water pipe interface with dust and anti-corrosion protection measures filter outlet plus external, removable filter, filter 200 mesh. Reserved port for load and liquid cooling system Reserve a DN25 water inlet pipe chuck and a DN25 water return pipe chuck at the load end

10, liquid cooling accessories: “The fake load is equipped with an inlet pipe and a return pipe, blue for the inlet pipe, red for the return pipe hose material is EPDM material, the length of 2m”

11, alarm/protection heater high temperature protection, electrical short circuit overload protection, dry water alarm, leakage alarm; High temperature threshold 80℃ detection electronic configuration temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.5C; Pressure sensor accuracy of 0.5; The measuring accuracy of the flowmeter is 0.5 class

12, the control panel has a power work indicator, fault alarm indicator, the use of LCD screen, parameter display (including single cabinet power, current, voltage; Inlet and outlet water pressure and water temperature, flow parameters) This function display centralized collection

The LCD screen must be protected

13, in the load energized state, can be switched on or off the operation.