Project Description

1.2.1. Load Bank ‐ is a device which develops an electrical load, applies the load to an
electrical power source and converts or dissipates the resultant power output of the source.
A Load Bank is intended to accurately mimic the operational or “real” load which a power
source will see in actual application.

1.3. Minimum Requirements
1.3.1 Voltage: Minimum 480 VAC, 3‐Phase, 60 Hz
1.3.2 Capacity: Minimum 1250 KW at 480 VAC
1.3.3 Load Step Resolution: 25 KW
1.3.4 Control Power: Internal 480:120 VAC 1‐phase, 60 Hz control power transformer.
1.3.5 Blower Power: Internal or External 460‐480 VAC 3‐phase, 60 Hz.
1.3.6 The load bank enclosure must be outdoor rated suitable for permanent mounting on
a concrete pad. The cabinet must be constructed of heavy gauge steel with powder coat
paint finish. Cooling airflow is vertical through stainless steel gravity louvers on top.