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Maintenance of 48v battery pack for back power supply

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The maintenance of the 48v battery pack for the back power supply mainly includes the following aspects:

Periodically check the appearance of the battery pack to ensure that the battery pack is not damaged or deformed.
Periodically measure the voltage and internal resistance of the battery pack to ensure that the voltage and internal resistance are within the normal range.
Keep the battery pack clean and regularly remove dust and dirt from the surface of the battery pack.
Check the connection of the battery pack regularly to ensure that the connection is not loose or corroded.
Charge and discharge maintenance is performed regularly to keep the battery pack active.
During use, avoid overcharging or over-discharging to avoid damage to the battery pack.
During storage, keep the battery pack in a dry, cool and well-ventilated environment to avoid moisture or high temperature.
For batteries that are not used for a long time, charge and discharge them regularly to avoid aging or damage to the battery pack.

Through the above maintenance measures, the service life of the 48v battery pack of the power supply of the communication back can be effectively extended to ensure the normal operation of the communication equipment.

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