Laser Distance Module
Laser Distance Sensor

FST-B500 High Frequency Laser Di...

Laser wavelength :905nm Distance measuring range:1~500m Control mode : Plug-in electric work automatically Repetition rate :≥500hz Output mode: RS232 or 0-10V/0-5V ;UART ( TTL), it is provided a serial port convert USB debugging line. Measuring accuracy:±1m Working voltage:5V +/- 5% deviation Baud rate : 19200bps Appearance size:105*60*108mm Operating temperature:-20°C ~ +60°C
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Features :

1.      This module is composed of Sending, receiving and red dot instructions

2.      Laser wavelength :905nm

3.      Distance measuring range:1~500m

4.      Control mode : Plug-in electric work automatically

5.      Repetition  rate :≥500hz

6.      Output mode: RS232 or 0-10V/0-5V  ;UART ( TTL), it is provided a serial port convert USB debugging line.

7.      Measuring accuracy:±1m

8.      Working voltage:5V    +/- 5% deviation

9.      Baud rate :  19200bps

10.  Appearance size:105*60*108mm

11.  Operating temperature:-20°C ~ +60°C


External interface standard six wires

1、power line:Red is positive,Black is ground electrode ground electrode and serial port line is shared , input voltage +±5% deviation ,over high can lead to burning device。

2、Communication is half duplex mode, green line is TX of UART .Serial data output format:ByteH, ByteL, $FF three bytes For example 305m=01H,31H, FFH

3、When data output is error:88H, FFH and FFH.

4、Blue line is control line, Ground work, disconnect or high level ( +5V) stop

5、Yellow is positive、blue is negative。

Two cores group:

Red dot indication: power supply two lines : green line: +3V-5V, grey line: ground line

Laser class I class

Humidity range:0% -100%

Electrical Performance

Sensors Laser sensor has good resistance to lightning on electrical performance, can be work in the thunderstorm days

Electromagnetic compatibility

Good antistatic discharge (level 4), Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation (level 3), the pulse magnetic field immunity (level 5), Power frequency magnetic field interference performance (level 5)

Climate protection performance

Has excellent high and low temperature, alternating hot and humid performance, long-term stable job in the wild nature.

Mechanical property

good vibration, vertical vibration fatigue performance, transport properties,Resistance to commonly used land, sea and air transport conditions and adapt to the installation of transmission line field


a) Continuous working hours ; not less than 25000hours

b)An average annual rate of data loss : No greater than 1% 


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