Laser Distance Module
Laser Distance Sensor

FST-20M Laser Distance Sensor

Measuring range: 0.05 to 20/50m Accuracy: Typically: ±1mm Measurement time:0.05-0.5s Laser class: Class II 635nm, <1mW Output mode:RS232/485 Red Line------Positive +6~+32VDC Black Liine-----Negative GND White Line-----TX, Green Line----RX; Yellow Line------DGND;
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1. Road traffic 
2. Automotive anti-collision 
3. Construction survey and design 
4. Levelmaterial level detection 
5. Robot arm control 
6. Fixed length control of container crane spreader 
7. Security monitoring 
8. Military applications 

Product features 
1). Mm level measurement accuracy 
2). Continuous detection of a moving object 
3). For high temperature/dusty environment 
4). Precision-heavy-no need to reflect board 
5). With regional test, control system and numeration function

1.Cable connecting definitions

Red Line------Positive 5VDC or 9-24VDC

Black Liine-----Negative GND

White Line-----TX,

Green Line----RX;

Yellow Line------DGND;

Kindly Prompt: If need to DB9 Female head, so RX,TX and G will be corresponding to connection to Second, Third and Fifth base pin of DB9 head separately.

Demo Software:



·    Uart: 9600bps, 8N1

·    Send command of “O”: turn on the laser

·    Send command of “C”: turn off the laser

·    Send command of “D”: measure distance and return the results

·    Send command of “S”: return the module temperature and supply voltage

Power Supply

5VDC or 9-24VDC

Measurement Accuracy


Measurement rageno reflector


Measurement time


Laser Grade

Output Mode

RS232 ,RS485 Communication port

Laser type






Operation temperature

-10 C°40 C°

Storage temperature

-25 C°60 C°

Protect Grade

IP54 or IP67


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