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Resistive AC Load Bank

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FORESIGHT series AC/DC load banks are for many power supplies load bank testing, to ensure that the standby power supply system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank, generator, transformers, inverter etc.
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FORESIGHT series AC/DC load banks are for many power supplies load bank testing, to ensure that the standby power supply system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank, generator, transformers, inverter etc which especially located in harsh, dusty or corrosive environment working in good condition, when you need them most, if switched to be loaded when the main power supply in maintenance procedure or stop abnormally.

The AC/DC load bank loading test preventative maintenance of such power supply systems could free you from power supply failure, to ensure constant uptime for your power systems and make you prepared for anything. Downtime could also be reduced by regular maintenance and thorough inspections which are the key to power supply systems maintenance.

Load bank testing could help highlight a large range of faults on the power supply systems it test. The first goal achieved when testing with FORESIGHT AC/DC load bank is to ensure your power supply system is reliable or not by validating the power systems’ outputs to its technical specifications. The underlying question that FORESIGHT series AC/DC load bank could answer you is--“how is my power supply systems constant uptime(technical performance) ?” The load bank also tests that the power supply system is not faulty, no faults in construction and components reliable, that the aging of the power supply system is in line with expectations and that there are no pending breakdowns or early signs of wear and tear.

FORESIGHT offers you whole AC/DC load bank testing solutions of predictive failure analysis for UPS(uninterrupted power supply), generator, transformers, PV system, inverter etc, to validate the condition and output of such power systems comprehensively. Integrated AC/DC load bank could be made in one unit or separately with different load voltages as per your need for different applications.

FORESIGHT AC/DC load banks applications

Ø  Battery bank system

Ø  Energy storage system

Ø  Energy meter loop load test

Ø  Datacenter rack heat simulating

Ø  PV system Inverter anti-islanding test

Ø  Voltage regulator, rectifier aging load test

Ø  Genset, UPS load bank commission testing

Ø  AC/DC power supply, power source commission acceptance test 

FORESIGHT series load banks loading elements (load bank types)

Alloy resistors, inductors & capacitors loading elements are combined used in FORESIGHT series AC/DC load bank as per clients’ need in different applications:

Ø  Pure resistive AC load bank

Ø  Pure resistive DC load bank

Ø  RCD non-linear AC load bank

Ø  Resistive & inductive combined AC load bank

Ø  Resistive, inductive & capacitive combined AC load bank

FORESIGHT series load banks protections

Standard protections:

Ø  Emergency pause operation: one-key stop loading

Ø  Over temperature alarm/protection: alarm & remove load

Ø  Fan interlock protection: loading available after fan activated

Ø  Over voltage protection: alarm & remove load

Optional protections

Ø  Blower thermal overload protection: alarm & remove load

Ø  Short circuit protection by fuse(over current protection)

Ø  Phase sequence protection(for fans with 3phase voltage)

Ø  Or other functions as requested

FORESIGHT series load bank control modes

Two control modes available for FORESIGHT series AC/DC load banks: The local panel control mode and the PC software remote control mode.

Local panel control mode available as below listed:

Ø  By contactor

Ø  By circuit breaker

Ø  Or other switches as requested

PC software remote control(optional)

FORESIGHT series AC/DC load bank remote control communication protocol would be provided for clients’ integrating the load bank into the ATE system

Technical Specifications


FST-AC415V-600KW-R Resistive AC Load Bank

Load Element

Alloy resistors

Load Voltage

AC415V 3phase 4wire, 50Hz

Load Power

Resistive: 600KW for AC415V 3phase 4wire, 50Hz

Load Steps

@AC415V 3P4W

Resistive Load Steps (three phase controlled):

1KW, 2KW*2, 5KW, 10KW, 20KW*2, 40KW, 50KW*10

(1-600KW adjustable)

(Each load step in series connection with suitable fuse for over current protection)

Power Factor


Load Accuracy


Digital Meter

Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Power Factor and etc.

Control Power

AC415V 3phase 4wire 50/60Hz

(Load bank fans & control power supply)

Control Mode

1.    Manual control by push button

2.    Remote control by PC software(optional)

Wire Connections

Copper bus bar for wire connections

Insulation Class


Fan Noise


Cooling Mode

Force-air cooling

Work Mode

Continuous work


Overheating/buzzer alarm, overheating/over voltage protection, emergency stop button

Ambient Temperature







6 wheels




≤2500 meters


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