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Power battery PACK charge and discharge test system, used for battery research and production line automation production in R&D center. Performance evaluation of the power battery PACK system.
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1         Customer Demand1.1 Summary

Power battery PACK charge and discharge test system, used for battery research and production line automation production in R&D center. Performance evaluation of the power battery PACK system.

Charging and discharging equipment is a high precision equipment developed for secondary test of battery PACK, applicable to battery PACK endurance test, product shipment inspection, capacity test, etc.

The charging and discharging equipment adopts the design framework of renewable energy. The power generated by battery discharge is recycled to municipal power or directly transferred to the battery pack that needs to be charged. The problem of energy consumption and difficult heat treatment in operating space during discharge is solved.

The charging and discharging equipment has an independent multi-channel design architecture, can support the charging and discharging testing of multiple battery packs with different characteristics, and can operate completely independently, meeting the needs of highly customized and diversified battery packs. The channel should be able to be connected in parallel. Users can simply adjust the parallel state of the equipment according to the specifications of the battery pack, so as to increase the flexibility of the equipment and achieve the high utilization rate of the equipment.

The charging-discharging equipment has the function of seamlessly switching charging-discharging, and sets the charging-discharging mode together with the programmable software, which is used to simulate the actual use state of the battery.

The charging and discharging equipment has high precision output and measurement capability, ensuring the reliability of test data such as battery feeding test, battery management system test and battery life test.

The charging and discharging equipment has safety design, including but not limited to the over-voltage and over-current detection function, to ensure the safety of the test process. The equipment should be equipped with a data preservation mechanism. In case of computer abnormality and transient power failure, the data can be stored in memory without loss and the interruption status can be recorded. After the system is restored, the test can be continued.

Serial No.


The number of Channels


Channel voltage/current specification


Channel Power


1.2 Test Items

The test system is suitable for all kinds of power battery system test, the main function includes:

n  the capacity of the battery system, energy testing;

n  battery charge and discharge characteristic test system;

n  battery cycle life test system;

n  battery system of dc resistance test;

n  battery temperature characteristic test;

n  battery charged retention test;

n  battery charging and discharging efficiency test;

n  battery overcharge, discharge capacity test;

n  battery standard dynamic testing;

n  support arbitrary programming condition simulation test;

n  charge/discharge current, power pulse test;

n  current slope of charge/discharge test;

n  support road spectrum is simulated;

n  battery simulation functions

1.3 Main Functions

n  Support constant current, constant voltage, constant power, constant load and charging and discharging test functions; the test scheme is flexible and convenient to program, and has the function of charging/discharging/pausing/loop nesting/jump programming.

n  power-fail protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, open phase protection, over temperature protection and other functions.

n   have multiple logging methods, the system can use SQL database structure, convenient for battery test data to make a comprehensive analysis and management, and realize the sharing of resources;

n  experiment stop condition can be set up, according to the charging time, charging voltage and charging current, charging power, charging power, discharge time, by the discharge voltage, discharge current, discharge power, voltage and temperature

3      System Characteristics

High frequency isolation in dc side, compared with the traditional system of power frequency to ensure all kinds of serious faults under the mains power is not the filling and the battery

n  energy bi-directional flow, intelligent parallel operation, energy conservation and environmental protection

n  discharge green energy, current harmonic 3% or less (nominal), small effects on power grid harmonic

n  high frequency digital design, charge and discharge seamless switching, high dynamic response, low load switch to less than 10ms, no surge current

n  hardware design USES tri-level, soft switch, carrier equal industry-leading technology, guarantee equipment performance

n  multiple hardware and software protection, protection parameters can be set

n  With functions of local and remote operation. Large LCD screen supports work step edit operation. Equipped with fully functional PC software, convenient operation and programming test, results, data storage, Data curve processing, report forms export functions, users can be customized with the process of matching test function.

n  the battery discharge energy recovery function, save electricity energy conservation and environmental protection, basic no heat output, low noise

n  simulation dynamic current charge and discharge function

n  high precision voltage measurement accuracy of current

n  interruption in function: if the system suddenly loses power, or PC freezes, wait for conditions to restore, the system automatically run

n  work step editing function, flexible software quick response and cyclic unlimited nested hierarchy

n  rich data reporting features, data updated in real time, the import and export is convenient, data recording time interval as low as 10ms

n  programmable peripheral equipment configuration, but with BMS, temperature control box, auxiliary channel and other test platform for data interaction

n  equipped with auxiliary channel support monomer voltage, temperature measurement data, the number of users can be customized;

n  have battery simulation function




Input voltage

Three Phase Five wires 380V±15%

The Grid Frequency


Output voltageV


continuously adjustable

Output currentA

Single Channel±300A

continuously adjustable

Output powerKW


Single channel 21KW

Power factor


Voltage controlled ripple

1% FS

Voltage controlled accuracy


Voltage display resolution


Current controls ripple


Accuracy of current control


Current display resolution


Charging/discharging efficiency


Harmonic distortion rate THD


Minimum pulse power interval


Working Temperature

-25℃~ 50℃

Relative Humidity


Ambient pressure


IP Grade


Equipment noise


Communication port

Support CAN Ethernet

The numbers of Channels

Single channelCompatible with Dual channel

Safety and EMC

Meet related standards

Communication mode

LAN interface Equipment terminal

Standard Ethernet interface

CAN interface PC Terminal

Access to BMS or data acquisition device

Protocol extension

Compatible with multiple sets of BMS according to the manufacturer's BMS protocol profile

5 System Configuration

Table 1 battery test system configuration






Power Battery Pack Charging & Discharging equipment


Channel Max Technical Index

Dual Channel300A/5-100V /21kW×2

Includes test bench, connection signal cable and accessories




A computer hardware/software system


PC Software



accessory channel 


Supports 64 voltage sampling0-5V

6 Details on the system

6.1 System Survey

Battery test system is designed for power battery of tests to develop a set of test equipment, can according to the requirement of the user to provide constant current, constant voltage, constant flow constant voltage mode, the pulse mode, the constant power, constant resistance, current step mode, voltage ramp mode, current slope model, variable power output function, at the same time to charge and discharge the battery pack can be any combination of various patterns, and quickly switch.

6.2 The test block diagram

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