Laser Distance Module
Laser Distance Sensor

FST-1500A Series Laser Distance ...

Measuring range: 5 to 1500m Accuracy: Typically: ±1m Measurement time: 8times Laser class: 905nm invisible laser Output mode: RS232/485 Laser Grade: I grade (Harmless to the human eye Power supply:DC9-24V
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FST-1500 is laser distance sensor used to measure the distance 5m to1500m including Air traffic avoidance, overflow height measurement and object height measurement in the Air etc, It is used to replace radar system, Closed circuit control system and Light brake control system etc. it adopts 905nm lasers, small volume and light weight and solid durable.


 Main Features and Functions:

◆Long Distance Measurement: 5m-1500m

Measurement accuracy:±1m

◆ Operation mode:

       Operate by input the command on the PC and also realize continuous measurement in unattended operation。

◆Output Mode:

       Digital Output: RS232 or RS485 Serial port

          Switch output: 2 ways switch output:User can present multi-value of distance,

The lasers will output switch signal while the distance measured achieve at preset value

◆Suitable for test in the bad test environment, water proof and dust proof.

       Interior heating and cooling for hostile environment.

Use 4nos of M4 screw to install 

Measurement Range

5m to 1500m

Measurement Accuracy


Laser Type

Invisible laser, 905nm

Laser Grade

I grade (Harmless to the human eye)

Lens diameter


Eixt pupil diameter


Field of View

132m / 1000m

Magnification times


Focus mode

Eyepiece rotating focus

Measure mode

Single measurement and continuous measurement

Operate mode

Command by operation

Power supply


Output mode

Digital output: RS232 Serial port

Work Temperature

-20℃ to +40


104mmx13mm x51mm


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